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Piccolomini Contractors Inc. is a local family owned heavy equipment company with years of experience in, site work, demolition, underground utilities, mining and hauling. We have been providing our skills and services in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio for over 50 years. PCI incorporates the efficiency and cost effective practices of new technology and methods with old fashioned hard work and know how to complete projects with the highest quality.

Our Vision



Construction building and infrastructure are good signs of  increasing economic growth. At Pci we provide the ground work " literally" for such growth and development. 

Our Mission is to provide quality  in every yard of dirt we move, to develop the foundations, the utilities, and the infrastructure to support our community. It is a privilege to see the buildings built on that dirt, the jobs created in those buildings and the products and services produced. 


 We take pride in our reputation in the construction industry. Piccolomini Contractors Inc. continues to be a trusted and recommended name in the SW Pennsylvania area with all aspects of our company.


Our Values



     The safety of our employees and those around us is our number one priority. With regular safety meetings and training, our sites follow all safety standards and regulations to protect all involved. At PCI the only way to complete a project is to safely complete a project.


     The manor in which we conduct business with our clients, suppliers, and other colleagues is another top priority at PCI. We strive to always work fairly and honestly to make sure everyone benefits. 


      Achievement is the ultimate goal of any organization. We believe in doing whatever is necessary to complete any project. We are focused on continuously improving and expanding our services.

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